Chasing Waterfall Series

1 day
4 locations

You may hear there are tons of beautiful waterfalls in Bali, and they are right, there are nearly 80 waterfalls on the island. The next question is "how to get there?". In this chasing waterfall series we have 4 cool waterfall tours you can choose from, let's check them out:

  • Option A: Gianyar Waterfalls (destination: Suwat, Kanto Lampo, Tibumana, and Tegenungan waterfalls)
  • Option B: Bangli Waterfalls (destination: Kuning, Tukad Cepung, and Pelisan waterfalls)
  • Option C: Tabanan Waterfalls (destination: Wanagiri Hills, Leke-Leke, and GitGit waterfalls)
  • Option D: Singaraja Waterfalls (destination: Sekumpul, GitGit, Bertingkat, and Banyumana waterfalls)

What to bring:

  • comfortable shoes, additional clothes
  • Kids >8 years old
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