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A trip to Bali will never be completed without learning about the beautiful and well-preserved culture. JOOi as your travel buddy is here to offer you an opportunity of a lifetime to learn and experience these beautiful cultures by yourself. 

These are the travel packages that you can choose from, you can choose 2 from these 4 available activities:

Bali Mask Painting Class

Balinese masks are more than just decorative items. It is utilised for certain things in Bali and has a significant spiritual value. It derives from ancient beliefs in animism and dynamism. The Balinese mask is a revered and holy object for Balinese people. On this trip you are going to learn more about the world of Balinese masks while learning to paint it on your own, you can bring your own creation home later on. 

Bali Wayang-making Class

Traditional shadow puppetry, or wayang, has been a significant aspect of Indonesian culture for generations and has ingrained itself into the lives of the people of Java and Bali. One of the finest storytelling traditions in the world is this long-standing art. On this opportunity you will be able to get your hand on this precious work of art, learn how to make it by yourself, as well as taking it home later if you want to. 

Balinese Dance Class

Balinese dance culture combines old Hindu traditions with theatre that tells stories thru dance and rhythm. Their dance moves might reflect how a figure from Hindu religion fights demons and bad spirits. Diverse dancing styles entail the dancer moving their arms, legs, neck, and fingers while keeping their eyes wide open; some also include martial arts or swaying movements. You'll have a greater understanding of the significance and value of these dances in Balinese culture if you take this class with us.

Gamelan Class

Gamelan is an Indonesian orchestra that is popular on the islands of Java and Bali. It mostly consists of percussion instruments like gongs and metallophones. The Balinese Gamelan has been around since the 8th century, thanks to close connections between the empires of Java and Bali. Gamelan Gong Kebyar is one of the most popular forms of Balinese Gamelan. On this course you will be able to get your hand on this magical instrument and learn how to use it from the professional.

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