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Bali Silence day (Nyepi) is descended from the word "sepi," which means silence. Nyepi celebrations are held to purify both individuals and the universe. As a result, on the day of Nyepi in Bali, individuals stay at home and engage in acts of fasting, prayer, and self-reflection. Every person in Bali is required to abide by a specific set of regulations. It is celebrated in solitude and often celebrated in March every year, in contrast to other New Year's festivities, which are typically celebratory and majestic. The Balinese will conduct the most significant purifying ceremony, called Melasti Ceremony, in the days leading up to Nyepi.

There are some green benefits for the planet during Nyepi day: 

- Reduce carbon emission

- Saves up to 60% electricity

- Save fuel:

Celebrate Bali Silence day with JOOi by joining our fun yet solitude activities in the heart of Ubud, we promise you this experience would be something to remember, since you will be able to witness the festive Ogoh-Ogoh parade leading to the Day. Gratitude on solitude that is our motto for this event, where you can spent time with fellow traveller, admiring Bali exceptional culture while actively saving the planet, because guess what? This trip will be 100% sustainable friendly.

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