5 Best Water Sports in Nusa Dua

5 Best Water Sports in Nusa Dua

JOOi team
Published on 18 Aug 2022 at 10:17 PM
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Nusa Dua, located in southern Bali, is a popular spot for luxurious beach resorts. Some of the most lavish five-star resorts and hotels are situated in this part of Bali, and the beaches here are exceptionally well kept, with crystal blue seas and white coastlines. Some of the most fabulous beaches include Geger, Nusa Dua, Pandawa, and Samuh Beach. Water sports are some of the main activities you can enjoy on these beaches, aside from sunbathing and sipping on some excellent drinks. Here's a list of the top 5 Nusa Dua water sports we put together for you.

Water Skiing

Water ski by Dbalinusadua.com

Nusa Dua offers a wide variety of water activities, and water skiing is one of the most popular. As you are pushed by a boat and ride the waves, it is similar to surfing and is a fantastic option for people who intend to try water sports without peril because you will be fully equipped with safety gear. The whole activity will only take around 15 to 20 minutes of your time, but the memories you make will last a lifetime. Enjoy the worry-free water sports experience with water skiing at Nusa Dua beach.

Jet Ski

Jet ski by The Bali Bible

You've probably all heard of the Jet Ski ride. A kind of water sport where motorized vehicles are used, comparable to the usage of motorcycles on roads, but this one is on the water. Nusa Dua beach also offers a popular Jet Ski experience for domestic and international visitors. More people, especially teenager and young adult would enjoy riding Jet Skis in Bali's open water. The jet ski guide will brief participants on safety procedures and the basics of riding the jet ski before the activity begins. Ensure that machines, throttles, brakes, on-water driving techniques, and safety measures have all been developed to reduce the likelihood of accidents involving jet skiers, boats, and marine life.

Parasailing Adventure

Parasailing by The Bali Bible

Have you ever longed to observe the world from a new perspective? In Nusa Dua, Bali, you can do that as you are hoisted up by a parachute and dragged forward by a motorboat, with nothing but blue seas under you, and you will fly among the birds. And if you've ever wanted to see the world differently, here is your opportunity. You don't need a trainer to do this, but having one along with your parachute is an option if you feel you'd be more comfortable.

Banana Boat

Banana boat by The Bali Bible

This activity is excellent for groups, and the whole family would enjoy this activity, including children and their grandma or grandpa. Perhaps one of the water sports activities in Nusa Dua is the most laid-back and straightforward to conduct. Toppling the banana boat, falling into the sea, and then grappling with each other to get back on board is a surefire way to keep the whole family laughing for hours.


Tubing by The Bali Bible

One of the most beginner-friendly forms of water sports is tubing, also known as core tubing. Tubing behind a boat does not call for the same level of agility, balance, or strength as wakeboarding or water skiing. We'd argue that the most important thing you need to do to go water tubing is to hold on and have fun. Tubing through the Nusa Dua blue sea is one of Bali's most exciting ways to enjoy water sports. You may have just as much fun, if not more, whizzing through the water on a tube as you would with water skiing, and you don't even have to worry about maintaining your balance the whole time. Tubing on the water, however, allows you to concentrate on having fun while being pulled along by a boat.

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