5 Recommended Sustainable Cafe & Restaurants in Indonesia

5 Recommended Sustainable Cafe & Restaurants in Indonesia

JOOi team
Published on 24 Oct 2022 at 1:23 PM
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In the day & age where sustainable development is the main priority, it encourages all sectors to put the people and planet first. This includes the restaurants and eateries business, which is why the word sustainable restaurant has been rising in recent years. The term "restaurant sustainability" refers to the practice of food establishments minimising their environmental effect, especially by addressing issues like sustainable farming, their carbon footprint, reducing their supply chain, food waste, packaging, water, and energy use, recycling, and more. Giving guests the chance to participate in these beneficial initiatives is another aspect of restaurant sustainability beyond simply participating in environmental protection. Today, a company's beliefs do influence where customers choose to eat. It helps people feel they are making a difference and maximises their use of their funds. In today's article, we would love to give you some sustainable restaurant recommendations in Indonesia. 

Ijen, Bali

Ijen is Indonesia's first restaurant with zero waste. It is situated in Bali's Kerobokan. Zero-waste principles were used throughout this restaurant, from food manufacturing to meal service. This restaurant takes a comprehensive approach to conserving the environment. The flooring is built out of a cement-glass-plate hybrid, which makes the architecture environmentally sustainable.

Additionally, recyclable wood is used in furniture and interior design components. Ijen obtains its essential ingredients for food production from local farmers. Local fishermen provide the fish, while local farmers provide the veggies. Additionally, they collaborate with raw material suppliers that don't use plastic packaging designed for single use. Ijen uses firewood to prepare their food. You may have excellent, fresh cuisine thanks to the fresh ingredients that the firewood cooks. Ijen does not use single-use plastic to serve food. They serve food on banana leaves and utilise wooden cutlery, pottery plates, and glasses. Ijen is in charge of garbage management. Waste that is organic and inorganic is separated. After that, they compost and turn organic waste into livestock feed while leaving the inorganic waste to be recycled.

Burgreens, Jakarta

Burgreens is an organic plant-based restaurant and caterer, demonstrating how tasty, and healthy cuisine can be. Burgreens takes pride in using as many fresh, local, and organic foods as possible, sourcing them from roughly 200 farmers, except for those that cannot be grown locally. As a result of paying a fair trade price for the commodities, farmers can live comfortably and avoid the need to give up their farms. Burgreens further pledges to improve the quality of life for underprivileged women by offering them possibilities for job advancement as a company that values environmental and social responsibility.

Loving hut, Surabaya

This vegan restaurant, located in the heart of Surabaya, offers a variety of delicious vegan cuisine. Its motto is "Go Greene veg, and Save the planet" Loving hut believes that being vegan is the first step to saving the planet. By being vegan, we won't disturb the ecosystem, which in this case would help the earth heal by itself. This neat and small restaurant decorates its place with minimalist and clean decor that is easy on the eye of the customers. You won't miss out on the local food if you visit this place since they have a vegan option for a staple Surabaya menu like ayam kalasan that incorporates a mushroom and soya as a replacement for the chicken. 

The Avocado Factory, Canggu

The Avocado Factory in Canggu is the first avocado bar in Bali, using the freshest ingredients from the local farmers. The Avocado Factory aims for the highest quality dishes possible. By working with the local farmers the Avocado Factory also shows the commitment in giving back to the community. On top of that they make sure that they have good waste management, with 98% of their food packaging is plastic free and recyclable to make sure that the island won’t be affected with inorganic waste. 

The Elephant, Ubud 

Mother Earth is essentially the head chef at The Elephant Restaurant. By choosing exclusively environmentally friendly dishes by dining here, you indicate that you are eager to combat climate change. This restaurant solely cares about your health and the sustainability of the planet. Thus their primary commitment to you is to serve you chemical-free veggies sourced from reputable local farmers so that you may also support the locals. Another crucial component is waste management. The Elephant Restaurant utilises unappealing vegetables that would otherwise be thrown out. Outside the kitchen, they meticulously segregate all of their garbage, with the organics going to a nearby farmer who feeds his pigs with them. All your leftovers would be there, and you can now feel less guilty about it.

JOOi believes that this is the time for us to take real action against climate change and support sustainable development in all aspects of our life. One of them is choosing the right restaurant to dine in, which supports sustainability. We are here to help all the agents of change JOOibuds out there to do right by our planet 

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