Bali Mountain: A Must Visit Mountain in Bali

Bali Mountain: A Must Visit Mountain in Bali

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Published on 12 Dec 2022 at 5:21 PM
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In celebration of world mountain day, today we would love to introduce you to Bali's volcanoes & gorgeous mountains. Bali is well known for its beautiful beaches and the breathtaking views of its underwater life. However, only a few people know that Bali has a stunning mountain that should be noticed. Here is the list of your must-visit Bali mountains.

Mount Agung 

The first stop is Bali, the holiest & tallest active volcano on the Island, standing at 3.043 meters high in Bali's eastern regency, Karangasem. Based on Balinese mythology, Mount Agung was formerly Mount Semeru's top in East Java. Basuki, the fabled dragon, carried the top of Semeru and set it atop Bali to stabilize the Island. Bali's most revered peak, Agung, still stands today. It is the location of Pura Besakih, the mother temple, which is guarded by the sleeping dragon Basuki. 

The Balinese aligned their homes, temples, and places of worship in the Kaja direction, or north or mountainward, primarily toward this sacred peak. Mount Agung is an active volcano that last erupted in 2019. It is presently considered dormant and safe to explore. Pura Besakih Temple is located on the southern slopes of Mount Agung. Balinese Hindus regularly visit for pilgrimage and prayer, climbing the six terraces and stopping at 22 different temples. As you might expect, the views are breathtaking, displaying much of Bali's south from above the clouds. A journey to Besakih provides a lovely combination of culture and environment.

Mount Lempuyang 

A lesser-known but equally rewarding hike may be discovered on Bali's most eastern peak. Many people associate Mt.Lempuyang with the iconic 'Gates of Heaven,' the Instagram-famous temple entrance of Pura Penataran Agung Lempuyang, which overlooks Mt.Agung.

An exceptionally calm trek up the mountain's southeast side, opposite the 'Gates of Heaven,' is available. You'll go through sparse woods and forest quite dry, providing a more straightforward ascent of this 1,174-meter-high peak. The walk up from Jumenang Temple is more of a pilgrimage to Pura Penataran Lempuyang Puncak, the temple at the mountain's peak.

This temple is significant in Bali because it is home to rare bamboo plants with water-filled shoots. This holy water makes this temple a source of Balinese holy water, or tirta. This walk takes around 2.5 hours to ascend, and you may receive transportation from the temple side rather than returning down the same trail, making this more of a traverse (point A-B) rather than a returning route (A-B-A).

Mount Abang 

Mount Abang, 2.152 meters above sea level, is Bali's third-highest peak. It is more correctly described as a ridge since it is the highest point of the epic Batur Caldera, a 10km by 13km crater formed thousands of years ago by an eruption.

The air at Kintamani is chilly and crisp, resulting in a mysterious fog that flows through the densely overgrown forest that rises along the rim of this massive caldera. It's a setting rich in lush greens, twisted pines, and old trees, starkly contrasting with Mount Batur, the caldera's centre, which is sandy, dry, and barren.

The primary route up Mount Abang is straightforward and does not require a guide. However, hiring a local guide is usually a good idea. The journey remains challenging, especially after a rainy morning, because the terrain is often slick mud or rock, with many steep pathways that become much more difficult on the descent.

Mount Batur 

Mount Batur, which is 1,717 meters above sea level, has long been a popular tourist attraction due to its ease of access and spectacular views from the caldera's centre. Batur is still an active volcano, with its most recent eruption occurring in the year 2000, and it continues to spray hot breath into the chilly, alpine air of Kintamani. This is undoubtedly the most popular and well-known of Bali's mountains for travellers. 

Mount Batur dawn hiking allows you to observe the genuine Bali in every light, from day to night - or, in this instance, night to day. Starting at 4 a.m. at the volcano's base, foggy breathed, clothed in thick clothes, and armed with light. You will go on an adventure in the dark.

The trek begins in the meadows near Batur before entering scant woodland and starting the ascent. As previously said, the landscape here is dry. When it's crowded, you'll notice a line of headlights in the distance, snaking up the mountain and displaying the land's gradient variations. You reach the summit after the last push up the most challenging portion of loose sand, where resting groups await their prize in the fresh mountain air.

We advise starting your hiking journey with Mount Batur trekking for a beginner since it's the easiest route for a Bali mountain hike. As your trusted travel buddy, we have the perfect tour package for your adventurous soul. Check out our Mount Batur trekking package here.

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