Bali Stunning Beach: Full Guide on Amed Beach

Bali Stunning Beach: Full Guide on Amed Beach

JOOi team
Published on 12 Dec 2022 at 2:14 PM
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There is a fantastic place to visit on Bali's far east coast called Amed. If you enjoy Bali's natural beauty but wish to escape the tourist hordes for a short while, this tranquil corner of paradise is a beautiful spot. You're in luck if you're considering taking a trip there soon! This comprehensive guide includes the top activities in Amed, along with information on where to stay, dine, travel options, and more. Learn more by scrolling down!

Is it worth it to visit Amed? 

If you ask us, the quick response is "yes." And not only for a few hours! We will happily elaborate if you wish since this area is well worth it. Amed is a place to unwind away from the commotion of Bali's most well-known tourist hotspots. Additionally, it's an excellent location for snorkelers and beachgoers who want black sand. Amed is suitable for all vacationers, including couples on a date, families with kids, and solo travellers.

What to do in Amed

Say hi to Nemo & Dori.

If you are like us and love the underwater world as much as we do, your time in Amed will always be exciting. Amed has several beach points with a gorgeous underwater view which we cannot stop amazed. Sadly on our last trip to Amed, we did not bring our waterproof camera, so there is no Nemo or dory picture from us. However, we seriously recommend that all divers and snorkelers visit Amed at least once on your trip to Bali. There are several diving and snorkelling points that we highly recommend. One of those is Lipah beach, Bintang beach, and Japanese shipwreck point. 

Explore Amed's gorgeous landscape 

Who said this area is only suitable for snorkelling & diving? Amed is where the green meets the blue, where the ocean and mountain see each other. In a previous article, we've mentioned whether you're more of a green person or a blue person. The best part is Amed has it all. In all honesty, we never had a beauty like this one. Who needs Switzerland when we have this little piece of paradise at Amed? Check our gorgeous snap below if you don't believe us. 

Chilling on the Beach 

Are you more of a chill-on-the-beach type of person? You do need to worry. Amed is a perfect place for your tranquil beach day out. We recommend you choose one of the beachfront eateries scattered all over the area to spend your afternoon and enjoy the gorgeous sunset. We recommend you to visit the "See you again" cafe for this one. 

Where to stay in Amed?

 Regarding choosing the best accommodation, we recommend some places ranging from budget to luxury. For the budget one, we highly recommend Amed paradise for you and your loved one to stay. This guest house is exceptional for us because its diving spot right in front allows us to explore stunning corals and colourful fish underneath. Blue Moon Villa Resort is the perfect place to stay if you love to get in touch with nature & all the greenery that is available in the area. Sure the price is a bit higher, but the experience is also better. If you want to splurge on this occasion, we recommend staying at Mathis Lodge Amed. This one would be even better than all of those insta-celebrity pictures combined. 

Where to Eat in Amed? 

We must admit that we are not food hunters, and the weather isn't in our favour. It rained for half a day when we visited there last week. However, we found a perfect place that suits our palette and offers a gorgeous view. "See you again Cafe" should be on your list when you visit the area. They offer fresh seafood and a variety of drinks to enjoy while you take in the gorgeous view only Amed can offer. The other restaurant that should be on anyone's bucket list is Natnat Thai Comfort Food. They specialize in delicious Thai food with authentic taste, fair prices and fantastic hospitality. This place instantly became our favourite. We cannot recommend what is their best menu since all of the foods are super delicious. However, if we have to choose, we recommend you try their pad thai & yellow curry. 

This concludes our little guide to Amed. To summarize, it was a quiet experience that we enjoyed so much, and we highly recommend you visit this place at least once while you visit Bali, Indonesia. Remember, as your travel buddy. We are always ready to accommodate you and your holiday plan, even to the gorgeous but hidden Amed beach. 

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