Best Aesthetic Cafes with Gorgeous Views in Bali

Best Aesthetic Cafes with Gorgeous Views in Bali

JOOi team
Published on 25 Aug 2022 at 10:16 PM
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As the centre of tourism in Indonesia, Bali has tons to offer, beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and volcanoes, but not only that, Bali also follows the trend with some of the most aesthetic cafes out there. Here, we curated the best aesthetic cafes with a gorgeous view all around the island for our one and only JOOibuds

Starbucks Ubud - Saraswati temple view

At this point, it might sound like a reach but believe us this Starbucks won't be just a typical Starbucks that you might find on the corner of your street. This specific Starbucks is located right in front of Ubud's very own Saraswati temple, imagine sitting down during a hot day, with your favorite ice coffee in your hand while having the gorgeous Saraswati temple and lotus pond in the background. A perfect day indeed. The range of foods and beverages here is the same as the typical Starbucks, so we might say from 2 to 10 dollars each. 

Zest Ubud - Ubud cliff view 

This aesthetic cafe is located in the heart of Ubud, not only does Zest has a gorgeous interior but also serves delicious vegan food that blows our mind away. Zest also has a great selection of mocktails that you have to try on. The beautiful landscape of Ubud's lush green terrace and cliffs are ready to accompany your afternoon coffee. All the foods and beverages here range from 2 to 20 dollars each. Another great news is you can get a 10% discount on every purchase using our JOOi Pass

Wyah art & creative space - Ubud cliff view

Located in a rather remote area of Ubud, Wyah's art & creative space offer something new to the table, their architecture will amaze you. Built on top of natural cliff-like land, Way was designed to mimic a beehive, which makes this cafe look very unique and aesthetic. The food was delicious, and their drinks were also superb. Honestly, we don't have anything bad to say about this place. A must-visit place indeed, the foods and beverages here range from 6 to 15 dollars each. Worth the money we might say. 

Ritatkala Cafe Kintamani - Mount Batur view

Mount Batur and its beauty will never fail to amaze anyone, including us. However, if you are not a hiking type of person but would love to enjoy the gorgeous scenery of Mount Batur, we recommend you to visit Ritatkala Cafe. Ritatkala's main selling point is the outdoor seating area and its dramatic view, which is located along the main Kintamani Road. You can see Mount Batur in all its glory thanks to the valley that separates Ritatkala from its peak. Not only that, but Ritatkala also offers delicious feast at such a reasonable price, starting from 1 to 5 dollars only, nice price isn’t it? 

Kucara Coffee and Space - Paddy terrace view

Have you ever visited a place that’s so cozy to a point where you don’t wanna go home? We fell in love with Kucara immediately. From the gorgeous and aesthetic interior to the beautiful paddy fields in the background. They stole our hearts instantly. Kucara is located in the suburb part of Gianyar with a wide green terrace in their backyard making this cafe super special to us. They also have a decent collection of card games and books that you can enjoy while feeling the cold breeze of Gianyar against your skin. The best part is, that their menu is super affordable ranging from 1 to 4 dollars each. Highly recommended for sure. 

Stuja di Pantai - Sanur beach view

The finest place to relax is at the beach. The comforting sounds of the sea and the cold breeze. The first Stuja was founded in Kerobokan, which is 15 minutes away from Kuta. Then Stuja Di Pantai debuted precisely near Sanur Beach intending to establish a novel environment and a distinctive coffee-drinking experience. Sanur Beach was picked because it is an excellent location for beach relaxation at an affordable price. Stuja has a variety of menus that you can choose from, but we recommend their decent list of dessert sections, with a nice coffee, delicious dessert, and the beautiful Sanur beach in front of you, what more could you ask honestly? Stuja's menu ranges from 5 to 300 dollars for their wine. Still worth the visit we might say. 

So which one is your favorite? Us? We love them all, it's so hard to choose between all of them. But don't worry, JOOi will be more than happy to be your travel buddy to visit all these aesthetic cafes every time you visit Bali. See you in Bali JOOibuds. 

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