Make Your Family Bali Tour Special at Bali Safari Marine Park

Make Your Family Bali Tour Special at Bali Safari Marine Park

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Published on 12 Oct 2022 at 11:45 AM
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Taman Safari Indonesia III, also known as Bali Safari and Marine Park, is a section of Taman Safari situated in Gianyar, Bali. A theme park that features Balinese cultural entertainment and the most up-to-date design in animal sightings. The park is home to more than a thousand different creatures representing one hundred different exotic and indigenous Indonesian species.

Bali Safari and Marine Park by
These animals include komodo dragons, orangutans, bali starlings, sumatran elephants, and other animals. Owned by the world-famous Taman Safari Indonesia Group, Bali Safari, and Marine Park is situated on 40 hectares of unspoiled forest in Gianyar. The group is well-known for its inventive animal shows and relentless efforts in environmental preservation and leisure. It offers a one-of-a-kind tour of up-close experiences with animals and educational information about them.

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Exotic Animals

Bali Safari and Marine Park have a solid selection of exotic animals. There are rhino, hippos, komodo dragons, orangutans, zebras and many more. Let's dig deeper into some of them.


Rhinoceros comes from the Ancient Greek words for "nose" and "horn," which were borrowed into Latin to form the current term. There are five different rhinoceros species still around today. Both the white and black rhinoceros could be found in Africa. The primary distinction between black and white rhinos is the structure of their mouths; white rhinos have broad, flat lips for munching, while black rhinos have long, pointed tips for ingesting plants. The three Asian species are the Indian rhinoceros, Javan rhinoceros, and Sumatran rhinoceros, all of these three Asian species can be found in Bali Safari and Marine Park Indonesia

Komodo Dragon

The Komodo dragon is a very special animal, because it's the last dragon species in the world. On top of that, this species is a native animal of Indonesia. A komodo dragon is the closest you can get to the extinct dinosaur. Komodo dragons, which can reach lengths of 10 feet and weigh up to 300 pounds on average, are the giant reptiles on the planet. They may not be as agile as other animals, but they can still easily outpace a person. Their top speed is 20 kilometres per hour! They can swim and climb quite well. Thus a person who a komodo dragon attacks has few options for getting away. On top of that in May 2012 komodo island, has officially been confirmed as one of the seven wonders of nature because it is the only home for the komodo dragon


Bali Safari and Marine Park offer several safari packages that you can choose from. All the safari package has been curated to fit your family's needs. Here are several safari options that Bali Safari and JOOi Indonesia have for you.

The Night Safari Package

Experience the finest of Bali's safari under the moonlight. This entrancing Night Safari Package may be yours on any given day! Observe the interactions between zebras, elephants, and giraffes. There are no better time to see the king of the forest and its deadly tigers’ cousin as they freely wander and come up to you. You can get so close to the tigers at Bali Safari Park's Night Safari that you can feel their breath on your face. Explore the great outdoors at night for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will leave a lasting impression on you. A specially constructed caged tram will take you on a tour where you will get the opportunity to see animals up close and even feed them by hand! You will get the chance to see the Bali Safari Fire Show and have an evening BBQ feast as part of an all-inclusive package that also includes entrance to the aquarium and one-of-a-kind activities. You can count on having a thrilling evening of your life.

The Jungle Hopper

This package is the most popular option for visitors at Bali Safari. This well-liked Safari package will take you on an exciting journey into the wilderness, where you will face a diverse range of creatures, including some that are vulnerable to extinction. When combined with traditional Balinese culture, access to an aquarium, and unique performances, we ensure that you, your buddies, and your families will have a wonderful time with nature.

So what are you waiting for? Make your family holiday special with Bali Safari Marine Park.

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