While in Bali - Part 1

While in Bali - Part 1

JOOi team
Published on 12 Oct 2022 at 0:12 PM
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Bali has been a longtime favorite destination for world travelers, and through this While in Bali series, we are going to give you inspiration for your next Bali itinerary. Known for its beautiful beaches, and affordable luxury accommodations, Bali is also popular because the island still holds true to its culture and traditions. Our first series features Sanggar Paripurna, this place is a must-go if you who want to learn more about Balinese culture, and learn Balinese dance, mask painting, and many more. Let's find out!

Sanggar Paripurna has been around since April 1990. I Made Sidia, the owner of Sanggar Paripurna, explained that this sanggar is a home for more than six hundred students ranging in ages from toddlers to full-grown adults. Sanggar Paripurna is ready to teach you about Balinese culture through the art of performance, dancing, sculpting, and wayang (theatrical performance of puppets show play or by human dancers).

Sanggar Paripurna Bona By Tempo.co

Bli Made inherited his love for art and culture through his father. He explained that his father was a dancer, choreographer, and dressmaker. Bli Made is dedicated to promoting Balinese dance to an upscale level. He believes that learning art and culture can be such a fun activity as long as we are ready to give it a try. The majority of the kids here lived around the area. Their parents sent them to Sanggar Paripurna to fill their spare time with positive activities rather than staying at home and being addicted to YouTube.

Sanggar Paripurna has tons of dancing classes available for you to try, the most classic ones, such as Baris dance for males, and legong keraton for females, are a few of its examples. Not only does he teach traditional Balinese dance, but Sanggar Paripurna also facilitates those who would like to learn other traditional dances from different regions, such as Saman dance from Aceh, Jaipong from West Java, and Pakarena from Sulawesi.

>>>Learn to make Balinese Mask Painting

Aside from taking the classes, you can also come here to watch the performance they arrange for the guest, and we promise you, it will not be disappointing. Not only did they perform a traditional dance, but Sanggar Paripurna also designed an original choreography with its storyline. Bli Made told us that one of the dances in Sanggar Paripurna called Singgasana Dance, is created by his second son, is a story of how greedy humans can be, even from such a young age, and what kind of consequences they get from their evil cheap hearts.

JOOi Indonesia is committed to showing the world how beautiful our homeland is. Having someone like Bli Made with us, who is very passionate about keeping Balinese tradition and culture alive, is heart-warming. JOOi Indonesia and Sanggar Paripurna would like to invite you to come and learn so much more about our traditional dance and art with Sanggar Paripurna. See you there JOOiful

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