Bali for First Timers: Full Guide for Bali First Time Travelers

Bali for First Timers: Full Guide for Bali First Time Travelers

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Published on 18 Jan 2023 at 9:46 AM
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Hi JOOibuds! Today let's talk about a complete guide on Bali travel for first-timers. We promise this one will be the ultimate one. This Bali travel guide is for you if you decide to make your first trip to this lovely island. Given the size of the island, choosing the best location for dining and lodging might take a lot of work. To help you plan your first vacation to Bali, we've included all the information you could need inside this guide. We'll go over things like, things to do in Bali, backpacking Bali on a budget, the fantastic cuisine and culture, and the ideal Bali itinerary for first-timers, among other things. That is why this one will be long, so grab some coffee, and let's start the article. 

Before you leave for the island of Gods

Passport & Visa

A valid passport (with a minimum remaining validity of six months) is required, in addition to a visa. At the following international airports: Jakarta, Bali, Medan, and Surabaya, you can obtain this visa at no fee upon arrival, called a VoA visa or Visa on Arrival. Bali permits up to 30 days of residence. This free visa can be renewed once for another 30 days. So, if you wish to remain for more than 60 days (and trust us, this happens), you must prepare for a visa before leaving, and you also need to make sure you have a return ticket since that is required.

Check out our complete visa guide here & our Visa on Arrival guide here

Book everything in advance

Like other popular tourist destinations, Bali is especially crowded in July, September & December. Finding the best location during Bali's peak season will take a lot of work since most places are usually fully booked. So booking everything in advance is the right move if you wish to stay in Bali without much hassle. 

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Check out Bali Weather before you go. 

It'sIt's critical for you to be aware of the weather conditions in Bali. The months with the most visitors are July, August, and September when the island has the most sunshine. Some people vacation throughout different seasons, such as November through March, when it frequently rains. 

For more tips on the best time to visit Bali, click here

Buy a local sim card. 

You should rent a 4G LTE Wifi device or purchase a local sim card for your vacation to remain connected. In Bali, it's relatively simple to buy and not at all expensive. Or, you may get one at the airport, also available at the nearest convenience store around the island. For the best experience, we recommend you use Telkomsel.

Click here for more information on Telkomsel tourist prepaid card 

Bali Currency 

The Indonesian Rupiah is the accepted local currency in Bali (IDR or Rp). Due to all the zeros, rupiah sums are often exceedingly high IDR 15k is around 1 USD, and IDR16K is about 1 EUR.

As a result, prices are frequently stated, with the thousands inferred and left off the end. Therefore, if someone uses the word "one hundred," they most likely mean IDR100K. (around 7 USD or 6 EUR).

Bali is a cash-based society. Therefore you should always have some cash on hand. Most hotels and eateries in the city accept credit cards for payment, but you will need some money for everything else. Your wallet will always be full of banknotes since the IDR 100,000 bill has the most significant denomination. Make sure you don'tdon't bring your smallest wallet with you!

Keep updated on Bali currency by clicking here 

How to get around Bali 

There are several ways for you to roam around the island comfortably. In this section, we will discuss how to get around Bali like a local. 


There is no particular rule to riding a taxi in Bali. You need to hail one and go. While these can be a terrific alternative, you may be overcharged because there are no genuine meters or defined prices. If you use one, ensure you agree on a fair payment before going.

Bluebird taxis are the best option if you need a metered taxi. Although they can be rather pricey, if you feel more at ease traveling in a licensed, traditional taxi, they are widely available and even have an app you can book on. Don'tDon't take the phony deeper blue Bluebird Taxis; instead, go for the light blue ones.


Scooters are, without a doubt, one of the best ways to commute around Bali. Because the roads in Bali are so tiny, scooter riding is very much required by both tourists and locals. Additionally, renting a scooter won'twon't be difficult for you, and the cost is quite affordable—you could even locate a motorbike for less than IDR 50,000 per day!

You may be requested to hand over your passport to ensure that you will not steal the bike; while this may be avoided, your passport is precious, and we would never advocate giving it to anybody. It is also a good idea to make sure you have an International Driving Permit, which permits the bearer to drive a private motor vehicle in any country or territory that recognizes the document.

Online taxis - Grab & Gojek 

Gojek and Grab are the two most prominent online taxi options in Indonesia. Depending on your needs, you may rent a car or a bike using either app. Unless you're traveling a long distance or with a lot of luggage, having a grab bike is far more affordable than getting a grab car; also, if you don'tdon't have a bike helmet, make sure the driver has a spare. 

However, several regions in Bali do not legally allow the usage of Grab/Gojek since they are managed by private taxis. In these locations, you are still able to use the apps, but you might need to be more discrete while being picked up or select a quieter pick-up location.

Rent a Private Car

Hiring a private car & driver is the most convenient and easy way to get around Bali, especially if it's your first time visiting our lovely island. This option is highly recommended for a family vacation or traveling with a group of 5 or 6 people. As your best travel buddy, we are ready to help you.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding this here.

Best time to visit Bali - When is the best time to visit Bali 

The ideal time to visit Bali depends on a variety of factors, including the weather and the high and low seasons for "school holiday schedules," which have an impact on both the cost of lodging as a whole and the number of other travelers who will be staying there with you. The ideal months to visit Bali are May, June, and September, while April and October are attractive options.

It's the end of the dry season, right before or after the high season, and a little less humid. During the shoulder seasons, many stores have deals and specials, restaurants 

are less busy, and Bali is generally a little more laid back. Not too terrible either, with far less rain than in November.

You may check this Indonesia official weather forecast to ensure the weather is in your favor before visiting Bali, Indonesia.

Top Things to Do in Bali 

As one of Southeast Asia's most popular tourist destinations, Bali has everything for everyone. While there are numerous exciting nightclubs in Canggu and Uluwatu, many family-friendly activities are also available. One of them is The Bali Safari, and Marine Park spans approximately 100 acres and is home to a diverse array of wildlife, including endangered Indonesian orangutans.

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Several ancient Hindu temples and shrines, such as the well-known Tanah Lot, are a favorite among sunset photographers since it is built on a small, peculiar isle. The island offers various water sports, including scuba diving, snorkeling, paddle boarding, and jet skiing. The Bukit Peninsula is a hotbed for surfing.

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Recommended temples in Ubud right here & if you're interested in learning more about Balinese culture, check out our Balinese Dance Class and Sightseeing Tour right here

Where to stay in Bali?

We are not even kidding when we say that every corner of Bali is gorgeous. Bali has everything, whether you are a beach person or a mountain hiker. Every corner of Bali offers a distinct characteristic that will suit your style and preferences. However, if you're on a honeymoon or a family vacation, we recommend you stay at the heart of Ubud. 

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How to stay on Budget while traveling in Bali?

It is known that Bali is one of the most affordable destinations that you can visit and explore every corner of this beautiful island without breaking the bank. Staying at a luxurious villa in the middle of the jungle while enjoying a candlelight dinner with a particular person might be the choice for some, but mingling with people from all over the world in Canggu while strolling around the beautiful beaches nearby might be precisely what you need right now. JOOi is committed to being your best travel buddy, and making sure that you will be able to get the best holiday experience on a budget is one of them. 

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Was this one a long one isn't it? But we hope you get all the information you need before visiting lovely Bali, Indonesia. All in all, see you in the following travel inspiration article JOOibuds!

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